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Installation & Set-up

You will need one satellite dish that both decoders can connect to.

If you already have satellite equipment installed at home, then some of the equipment that you have may be used, although it is possible that your existing cabling and installation will need to be upgraded or replaced.

Find a DStv Accredited Installer online.

Installation Options

Decoder Combination Primary DSD Single View HD Single View HD HD
Secondary DSD Single View Single View HD HD HD
Primary Decoder Comm Port RF In RF In RF In RF In RF In
Remote mode TV 1 TV 1 TV 1 TV 1 TV 1
Relay Remote Command TV 2 ON TV 2 On On
Accept Relayed Command Off On Off On On
Secondary Decoder Comm Port RF Out RF Out RF Out RF Out RF Out
Remote mode TV 2 TV 2 TV 2 SD Remote HD Remote TV 2
Relay Remote Command Off Off On Off Off
Accept Relayed Command TV 2 TV 2 Off On Off

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