Holiday viewing

With DStv holiday viewing, there are a number of options to suit your family’s holiday entertainment needs.

Switching: You can switch on DStv at your holiday home and switch it off at your main home.
Make the switch.

Prepaid: Turn on your DStv account at your holiday home and keep your main home active.
Load prepaid now at your holiday home.

Suspension: Suspend your main home DStv account without connecting your holiday home.
Schedule a suspension and simply reconnect your account when you return from holiday.

​Decoder Travel: Take your decoder on holiday with you and connect it at your holiday home. We do not recommend this option as decoder setup at your holiday home may not be compatible with your main home decoder.



End the battle for the remote

XtraView allows you to link multiple decoders on the same subscription. For an added fee of R80 per month, you and your family can enjoy different programmes in different rooms at the same time.

You will need two of the following decoders to enable XtraView:

  • DStv Explora
  • Single view HD
  • HD PVR
  • Single view SD (1110, 1131 and 1132)
  • SD PVR (only as secondary decoder )

Find out how to setup XtraView

To setup your XtraView we recommend an accredited DStv installer.

Decoder Care Contract

DCC is a monthly short-term insurance contract that covers the customer's decoder for:

  • Mechanical or electrical fault
  • Loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft
  • Damage caused by fire, lightning or explosion
  • The USB laptop cable and / or the USB wall charger cable is covered only if the Mobile Decoder is exchanged due to any of the above causes
  • You will need to take out a separate DCC per decoder that you want covered as each DCC covers only the one specific serialised decoder linked to it

MultiChoice (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider. FSP license number 11514. NMS Insurance Services SA Ltd underwrites the Decoder Care Contract.

DStv Mobile

For the DStv fan on the move

DStv Mobile streaming is a mobile TV service offered to customers via selected mobile operator’s mobisites. DStv Mobile streaming consists of 13 DStv channels that you can watch 24/7 on your 3G capable mobile cellphone.

DStv Mobile – the “watch wherever you are” broadcast television can be accessed through:

  • Drifta
  • Drifta USB
  • Walka
  • Walka 4.3
  • Walka 7
  • iDrifta
  • Drifta for Android