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Updates related to mobile devices

When MultiChoice launched its mobile TV service in 2010, the technology was fresh and new. Over the last few years, technologies and standards have evolved as broadband access continues to grow. This has resulted in the supply of our mobile TV devices becoming limited.

While we will continue to offer the mobile TV service to our DStv customers, the range of new devices available and devices that can be repaired will be limited.  
Customers with a faulty Walka 7v2 device can have their device replaced with a new one if it’s within the warranty period of a year. If the Walka 7v2 is not within the warranty period, a new Walka 4.3 may be purchased at a replacement fee of R300. 

All other Walka and Drifta devices, irrespective of the warranty period, will be replaced with a Walka 4.3 at a replacement fee of R300.

Visit our Mobile Devices section for further information related to the Walka and Drifta mobile devices. 

DStv fees for 2017

We’ve completed our business planning and have done our best to keep your subscription fees down, despite the tough economic climate.