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Announcements and Alerts

Repeats on DStv

MultiChoice does not schedule channel programmes but buys ready-made local and international channels. Each channel schedules new and recurring programmes according to a programme or movie's license specification. MultiChoice arranges the channels into DStv packages and broadcasts the channels.

Pay-TV business model requires repeats

Internationally multi-channel platforms like DStv offer channels that have to include a mix of new and repeat programmes to make it affordable with the added benefit of creating catch-up viewing opportunities.

DStv repeat rate lower than average

A single channel requires 8760 hours of content per year. DStv's repeat rate is lower than in most countries around the world. The movie repeat rate is for example up to 60% lower than similar digital television platforms abroad like SKY and DirecTV. (Source: Comsys).

Most Hollywood movies appear on DStv

Film and television studios produce a limited amount of programming each year. Hollywood, for example, only produces 600 new movies annually but a single movie channel contains 8760 hours per year. Once a movie has completed its cinema and video run, the first television appearance is on M-Net. To ensure a wide variety of the best content available, MultiChoice sources channels with movies and series from most top Hollywood studios like FOX, Warner Bros., Disney, Sony, NBC / Universal, CBS, Paramount, Dreamworks, MGM and independent studios like Mandate, Content Films, Summit Entertainment.

Different channels have different repeat patterns

Repeat scheduling on each channel varies as channels have different format models and programmes have different ratings. A 24 hour channel like M-Net schedules every hour and block channels like The History Channel schedule 4 hour blocks which repeat over a 24 hour period.  

How to plan your viewing on DStv

We find that customers 'surf' through their favourite channels looking for something to watch, often complain about repeats. However, customers who plan their viewing upfront, including customers with PVRs, always complain that there is too much to watch. We have a number of resources available to help you plan your viewing:

  • On your decoder, you can press the OK button to access Dish on TV for programme and highlight information.
  • On the DStv website, you can access the Series Calendar for lists of new or returning series on all the DStv channels in the next month or the Dish digimag which is published every 2 weeks and contains highlights across all genres such as movies, series and documentaries. You can also subscribe to our weekly e-mail newsletters which will send highlights directly to your inbox. The link for all of these are available at the bottom of the DStv.com homepage.
  • On social media, our DStv facebook page publishes weekly programming highlights. You can also access our 8-day TV guide from your wap-enabled mobile phones or download the android or apple applications from DStv.com.

Please be warned: upgrading scam

Please be aware that you can upgrade your account online at any time – do not believe anyone claiming that you will not need to pay your subscription fees.

Account number vs customer number

The account number you see is an internal reference that allows us to manage multiple devices or multiple homes against your customer number on our new system.

Impressed or depressed

Instead of avoiding where we have gone wrong, we encourage you to let us know what we have done so we can fix it. Let the Head of Customer Care know directly and we will attempt to resolve your query in three working days.

DStv pricing from 1 April 2015

Take a look at the DStv prices for 2015. We thank you for your continued support during 2014 and look forward to providing extraordinary digital entertainment in 2015.

DStv Access Fee

Why do I have to pay an additional fee to use my PVR or for XtraView? The Access Fee gives you access to additional viewing environments without having to pay an extra subscription (and so saves you money). These additional viewing environments can take the form of additional decoders connected through XtraView or the additional environment that enables simultaneous recording, downloading of additional content and Remote Recording; available via a PVR.