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Rain fade 101

Were you enjoying your favourite movie or series and the screen went fuzzy? Or cheering on your team only to find that the TV wasn't quite performing as expected? The rain that we experience at this time of the year could sometimes affect your DStv satellite signal and interrupt your viewing. Don't despair because you can still watch the best series and movies on DStv Catch Up. Download the DStv Now app for iOS and Android to make sure that rain fade doesn't get you down.

We pride ourselves in bringing you the very best in series, movies and sporting entertainment although a passing drizzle or serious thunderstorm might interrupt your viewing. The interruption can even take place when it’s sunny in South Africa but raining in another part of the world where we would be receiving the satellite signal from. As soon as the weather clears up, you will be able to enjoy your favourite entertainment again. 

You should not experience signal loss or break up of the video during normal rain or on an ongoing basis. If you do, we recommend that you contact one of our accredited installers to check your installation. You will still be able to enjoy your DStv Catch Up content and the BoxOffice movies that you've already rented on your decoder. 


DStv decoder insurance update

NMS Insurance Services FSP # 48754 will, from 1 February 2018, be the authorised financial services provider for DStv Decoder Insurance.