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Manage your DStv account with Facebook and Twitter

Manage your DStv account on the move using Facebook and Twitter

Like, comment, share and manage your DStv account in one go!

Imagine while you’re updating your Facebook or Twitter timeline with the latest photos from your buzzing social life, you can with a few more clicks also clear an error code on your decoder and pay your DStv account in real time. Next time you “check in” at your holiday destination, you can activate your holiday viewing in the same app. 

We want to make it easy for you to manage your DStv account anywhere, anytime. Self-service on Facebook and Twitter helps you to do just that - pay your account, check your account balance, clear error codes and manage your holiday viewing. 

All you need to do is register on Facebook or on Twitter with your DStv customer or SA ID number or DStv smartcard number.

DStv decoder insurance update

NMS Insurance Services FSP # 48754 will, from 1 February 2018, be the authorised financial services provider for DStv Decoder Insurance.