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DStv Access Fee

Why do I have to pay an additional fee to use my PVR or for XtraView?

The Access Fee gives you access to additional viewing environments without having to pay an extra subscription (and so saves you money). These additional viewing environments can take the form of additional decoders connected through XtraView or the additional environment that enables simultaneous recording, downloading of additional content and Remote Recording; available via a PVR.

Premium, Extra and Compact PVR customers are able to enjoy BoxOffice on the PVR. Premium customers with an active PVR also get access to a range of free additional value added services like Catch Up and online services including Catch Up and Live TV on multiple devices

Please be warned: upgrading scam

Please be aware that you can upgrade your account online at any time – do not believe anyone claiming that you will not need to pay your subscription fees.

Account number vs customer number

The account number you see is an internal reference that allows us to manage multiple devices or multiple homes against your customer number on our new system.