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Series Recording

Series recording is a great feature on our HD PVRs which allows you to record all future episodes of a series (limited to the current season and the channel on which you set the series recording) in only one step.

How does series recording work?

When you see this icon Series next to a programme, it indicates that series recording is available. To set a series recording, press REC and then select to "Record all episodes in this series". Future episodes of this series (limited to the current season and the channel on which you set the series recording) will automatically be recorded.

Record _confirmation

Some important notes:
  • Series Recording is not available on SD PVR
  • You can set a maximum of 20 series recordings.
  • Once you have set a series recording, this icon Record Series will appear next to all future broadcasts of the programme for which you set the series recording. It does not indicate that the programme will be recorded, but rather that this programme is part of a series recording.
  • Series recordings are only scheduled 24 hours in advance.
    Example : Today is Wednesday. You set a series recording for GREY'S ANATOMY on M-Net Monday. The scheduled recording (indicated by Recording _series _icon and listed in the Scheduled Recordings screen) will only appear 24 hours before the programme is scheduled to record.
  • We recommend that you set the safety net default to 5 mins before and 10 mins after each recording. To set the default : press MENU, select Personalise, highlight Safety Net Settings, press WHITE to edit and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If you see this icon Error _icon displayed in the top right corner while watching TV, it indicates conflict between scheduled recordings. To resolve the conflict, go to the Scheduled Recording screen. The items in conflict will be marked with the same icon. If you are not home to resolve the conflict, the PVR will resolve it for you (depending on the conflict, this may result in lost recordings).
  • We have also added a setting to assist with viewer management of the hard disk space (Press MENU, select Personalise, go to option 7). The default setting is KEEP, the other option is IF SPACE REQUIRED. If the setting for a recording is KEEP, the PVR will cancel scheduled recordings that cannot be accommodated due to space constraints. If the setting for a recording is IF SPACE REQUIRED, the PVR will delete that programme when space is required for new recordings.

How do I cancel/delete a series recording?

Press RED (to access the Playlist), press the RIGHT arrow once (to display the Scheduled Recordings screen), press YELLOW to display all the series you have booked. Select the series you wish to delete and press RED to cancel it.

Help! I'm using series recording and the PVR has recorded multiple copies of the same episode.

The HD PVR should not record multiple copies of the same episode, unless there is a problem with the original copy. Please can you let us know which programme was recorded multiple times (include the channel details too please and send to

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