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Calling from your mobile:
083 900 3788

VAS rates apply

VAS rates is a Value Added Service. Free minutes do not apply

Calling from your landline:
Johannesburg (011) 289-2222
Pretoria (012) 422-2222
Cape Town (021) 508-2222
Durban (031) 710-2222
Port Elizabeth (041) 395-2222
Bloemfontein (051) 503-2222

Call Centre hours:

07:00 - 23:00
(Mon - Sun, incl Public Holidays)

Internet Payment

Control your payments by paying via Internet bank transfer.

  • SMS your smartcard number to 31401 to retrieve the amount due for payment
  • Select MultiChoice from the list of pre-approved beneficiaries on your bank's internet banking website, and use your 8 digit MultiChoice customer number as the payment / beneficiary reference.

If you follow these steps and bank with one of the other major banks (FNB, Standard, Nedbank or Capitec) your payment may reflect on our systems within 15 minutes.

If you do not bank with ABSA (or the abovementioned banks), please be aware that your payment may take up to 3 days to reflect on your MultiChoice account. This will apply if you also fail to select MultiChoice from the list of pre-approved beneficiaries on your bank's internet banking website.
Customers who pay via FNB - If your MultiChoice customer number is shorter than 8 digits, please add zero's before the number.


If the customer number is 24689
Just add the zero's in front to make it 8 digits long 00024689

For your convenience, if your services have been disconnected and you have paid the correct amount, we will reconnect you automatically once the payment reflects. There's no need to contact the DStv Contact Centre.

To clear the error message E16, SMS E16 + Smartcard Number to 32472 charged at R1.50 per SMS. Alternatively dial *120*68584# and follow the prompts.

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