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DStv Touch

This service allows you to make your DStv subscription payments via WAP-enabled mobile phones using your credit card.  Simply SMS your smartcard number to 30601 and we will send you a payment link from which you can make a credit card payment.

If your services have been disconnected and you pay the full outstanding balancing using this payment method, we will automatically reconnect your services once the payment reflects on our side.

More information about this payment method can be accessed by pressing OK on your DStv remote and selecting Easy Info and Pay NOW under the Payments option.

Press OK on your DStv Remote and follow these steps:

  • Scroll up to'DStv Easy Info'
  • Select the'Payments & Info'option
  • Select'Payments'
  • From the list of available payment options, select'Pay NOW.'-you'll be presented with a screen that will provide you with your smartcard number and the SMS short code number 30601. All you need to do is SMS your smartcard number to 30601 and we'll send back an SMS quoting your latest balance and also provide a PayU link to the payment application where you can use your credit card to make a payment.
Please note: The SMS's are at no cost to you.

More Details on the Service

Why is the SMS payment link redirecting to the PayU and not the DStv website?

PayU is the payment gateway service provider that MultiChoice will be using for this payment solution. PayU will facilitate payments between DStv customers and MultiChoice.

Can Debit Cards be used to make payments via the DStv Touch Mobi payment application?

At the moment, only credit cards can be used. We will let you know when we introduce other payment methods on this application.

Can any amount be paid?

A minimum amount of R20 will be accepted. In order for services to be reconnected or to prevent a disconnection, the full outstanding balance including a R50 reconnection (if applicable) should be paid. The maximum amount cannot be more than the quoted overdue amount.

Can BoxOffice accounts be paid using the DStv Touch mobi payment application?

At this stage, only payments to your DStv account can be made using this payment method. To pay money into your BoxOffice account, please use Self-Service on

What sort of proof of payment will be received?

A payment message will be displayed by PayU for all payments successfully processed.

After making a payment, how soon will the DStv services be reconnected?

Providing the full amount due is paid, services will be automatically reconnected within an hour after making payment. Please note that payments made after 9pm will only reflect the following day.

What happens if services are not automatically reconnected?

Please contact the DStv Call Centre or log onto self-service on to manage your account.

What other means of payment are available?

There are a number of ways to pay your DStv subscription, including debit order. For a full list of other payment options, please click here.  

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