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Channels & Packages

Why can I not select and pay for channels I want to watch?

MultiChoice does not provide a customer channel selection for DStv packages, as such service will be more expensive to our customers and is not a viable business model. There is not a single pay television operator in the world which allows its customers to choose individual channels.

Some customers imagine that being able to choose their own channels and make up their own package, would result in them paying less. So for argument's sake, if they pay R100 per month for 100 channels now, that this means they would pay R1 per month for one channel. This is not the case - switching customers from 100 channels to 1 or even a few hand-picked channels does not reduce our cost; in fact our administration costs will increase as we will have to cater different individual choices, including the costs we have to pay to each channel. This means that the cost per channel will go up significantly and customers will end up paying even more than what they are currently paying.

The pre-packaged service MultiChoice currently provides to its customers through the different DStv packages, allows us to provide an affordable service well into the future as we are able to spread the cost of each channel across the different packages.

Bundling channels together into packages is similar to putting together a newspaper. You are not being forced to pay for the sports section that you do not read, you are paying for the portions of the paper that you are interested in reading and the rest of the paper is a freebie that doesn't cost you extra. Putting channels together in packages is similar to that - you are paying for the channels you are interested in watching.

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