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VAS rates apply

VAS rates is a Value Added Service. Free minutes do not apply

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Johannesburg (011) 289-2222
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Cape Town (021) 508-2222
Durban (031) 710-2222
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Bloemfontein (051) 503-2222

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Mobile Self Service

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The DStv Self Service tools have expanded to offer our customers a more cost effective alternative to telephone, web, mobile web and other current Self Service channels. DStv customers are now able to carry out essential Self Service tasks via USSD on entry level feature phones or the more sophisticated Smartphones.

All customers have to do is to dial  *120*MULTI(68584)# and select any one of the below transactions:

  • Balance enquiry
  • Resetting of error codes
  • Transaction History (last 5 transactions)
NB: It is essential that your contact details are updated, as the service will only recognise the cellphone number loaded on the DStv account. Update Account Details.

Remember: to update your details, you can either log on to Self Service or you can SMS “Your Smartcard Number + Email” to 32446 (SMS costs R1per SMS, VAS rates apply).

SMS Short Codes

MultiChoice has implemented an easy to use SMS Short Code system in order make our customers lives easier, so select what you want to do from the list of short codes below and SMS now!

Your Name OR Your Email
Your Suburb
Your Smartcard Number + Email
'bal' + Smartcard Number OR I.D. Number
Error Code + Smartcard Number


VAS rates is a Value Added Service. Free minutes do not apply

The options available are:

For this informationSend the followingTo this SMS Number
Get DStv Your Name OR Your Email 32445*
Find Installer Your Suburb 32445*
Get DCC 'DCC' 32445*
To register for email statements or update your details Your Smartcard Number + Email 32446*
To receive your latest balance 'bal' + Smartcard Number OR I.D. Number 31401*
To clear onscreen errors Error Code + Smartcard Number 32472**


*SMS's are charged at R1 per SMS.
**SMS's for Clear Onscreen Errors are charged at R1.50 per SMS.
VAS rates apply (VAS rates is a Value Added Service. Free minutes do not apply)

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